That Extra Wow Factor

I’ve worked for one of the largest consumer beauty brands for the last 9 years with the majority of time working with dermatologists. So it comes at no surprise, that some of my favorite topics to learn about are new beauty products & skin care. So naturally that’s the topic of my first post from the perspective of celebrities. Living in the era of the Kardashian phenomenon, one of the biggest beauty trends on the red carpet are long, voluminous eyelashes. Over the years, I’ve become obsessed with trying out the latest lash trends. It started with finding the perfect mascara to transform my somewhat long, yet sparse lashes into what we see on celebs in the mags. I’ve tried virtually every mascara sold in Sephora, Nordstrom, and Target trying different price points to see if that made a difference in quality. My favorite pick is still Dior Diorshow for extra lash volume. Even years after its launch, it’s still rated on various magazines’ best-of-beauty awards, including In Style as the 2012 “best overall mascara.”.


As the trend for voluminous long lashes became more popular, the number of so-called miracle products increased with beauty brands launching product line extensions in lash devices (heated lash curlers), mascara targeted for specific needs (curling, volume, length), colored eye-opening mascaras, primers, oscillating mascara wands, conditioning treatments, and growth enhancing serums. Even pharmaceutical companies began taking notice with the trend of long lashes. When patients applying a glaucoma drug to their eye noticed a side effect of longer lashes, Allergan tested and gained FDA approval for Latisse, a prescription treatment used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker and darker. They marketed the product with celebrities in their advertising, including Brooke Shields and Claire Danes.


When natural lashes still didn’t give that wow factor, I tried eye lash extensions (but did not like the long application time) and became curious about Lash Dip to have that 24-7 mascara look. But when it comes to application, I prefer the convenience and affordable price of temporary falsies for a special occasion.  I love the MAC counters because the makeup artists will apply the faux lashes for you. Otherwise here’s a great how to video from US Weekly on applying individual lashes.


Months ago, it was rumored that Kim Kardashian was decked out in multiple layers of lashes for that camera worthy appeal on her wedding day. Lauren Conrad’s The Beauty Department reveals this is a celeb red carpet beauty secret to apply a full lash strip and then a half strip on top of it on the outer corners. US Weekly reported that Giuliana Rancic has admitted to wearing up to 4 layers of fake lashes. (Cosmo posted that Giuliana loves the affordable Ardell Wispies – $14 for set of 4). Whether individual lashes or full strips, The Beauty Department gives step-by-step instructions on easy at home application techniques.

The Beauty Department Image


For the ultimate eye drama, celebs turn to lash stylist Linda Tical, owner of Goddess Lashes. You may have tried other synthetic or human hair lash strips before, but the Goddess Signature Mink Lash Strips have become a celebrity obsession made of 100% Siberian mink. Kim Kardashian, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, and Oprah are supposed fans. The lash strips run $150-$250 on the Miami based website depending on the lash length and design (Swarovski crystals are an option for a bling effect). Mink extensions ($250-$600) are also an option for a longer lasting beauty accessory. (No animals were harmed to obtain the fur laden lashes. The process involves gently brushing live mink to obtain loose hair for the lashes).  When it comes to eyelashes, I thought I heard and tried it all until this. Would you wear fur lashes?

Getty Image; New Beauty Magazine Image


Although 2012 New York Fashion Week showed a new trend of natural, bare lashes with only clear mascara on the models for Hervé Léger by Max Azria, Alexander Wang, Altuzarra, and Thakoon, celebs like Katy Perry  are launching their own line of falsies and others are still flaunting the to die for lengthy extensions. So, the trend for sky-high Daisy Duck lashes isn’t disappearing completely anytime soon. Whether finding the best mascara match for your lashes, trying a new growth enhancing serum, or applying lash strips or extensions, there are lots of celeb inspired options out there to make your eyes pop.  And even if lash drama is not your goal, Linda Tical of Goddess Lashes says lashes “instantly lift the eye without painful injections. Nothing de-ages like lashes.” Well, who doesn’t want the look of anti-aging?

I’ll leave you with some published lash secret mascara application techniques. Comment on any others you’ve learned from celebrities.

–Curl your lashes 3 times: Gently press the curler at the base of you lashes and hold for several seconds.  Repeat in the middle of your lashes and then at the very tips.

-To make your lashes appear thicker: before applying mascara, lightly coat lashes with powder (without getting in your eyes).

-Carrie Underwood is a fellow mascara junkie. She reportedly wears multiple types of mascaras and layers them up to 4 times daily: a lengthening mascara to achieve height and then a separate volume mascara to fatten lashes. (Apply lengthening mascara first).

-Various products like the Lash Card, Mascara Guard, and Mascara Shield have been launched under the same premise of a simple lash technique of using a small business card or index card behind your lashes when applying mascara to get every last lash without leaving mascara on your skin.

-Wiggle the mascara wand back and forth in a zig zag pattern from the base of the top lashes through the tips to help separate and coat every lash.  Hold the wand at an angle when applying mascara to the bottom lashes.

(Since I am lash obsessed I’m sure this is a “To be continued” post on celeb lash tricks…)


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