Mascara Application Beauty Secrets

Living in the era of the Kardashian phenomenon, one of the biggest beauty trends on the red carpet are long, voluminous eyelashes. Over the years, I’ve become obsessed with trying out the latest lash trends. It started with finding the perfect mascara to transform my somewhat long, yet sparse lashes into what we see on celebs in the mags. I’ve tried virtually every mascara sold in Sephora, Nordstrom, and Target trying different price points to see if that made a difference in quality. My favorite pick is still Dior Diorshow for extra lash volume. Even years after its launch, it’s still rated on various magazines’ best-of-beauty awards, including In Style as the 2012 “best overall mascara.”.

For those who love the look of mascara and long lashes without the application of false lashes/extensions, here’s some mascara application tricks learned from top makeup artists.

-Curl your lashes 3 times: Gently press the lash curler at the base of you lashes and hold for several seconds.  Repeat in the middle of your lashes and then at the very tips.

-To make your lashes appear thicker, close your eyes and lightly coat lashes with powder before applying mascara.

-Carrie Underwood is a fellow mascara junkie. She reportedly wears multiple types of mascaras and layers them up to 4 times daily: a lengthening mascara to achieve height and then a separate volume boosting mascara to fatten lashes. (Apply lengthening mascara first).

-Various products like the Lash Card, Mascara Guard, and Mascara Shield have been launched under the same premise of a simple lash technique of using a small business card or index card behind your lashes when applying mascara to get every last lash without leaving mascara on your skin.

-Wiggle the mascara wand back and forth in a zig zag pattern from the base of the top lashes through the tips to help separate and coat every lash.  Hold the wand at an angle when applying mascara to the bottom lashes.

Have you learned any application tips from celebrities or makeup artists?


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