Celebrity Inspired Tips for Shoe Organization

In the last post “Give a girl the right shoes…,” we saw all the amazing celebrity shoe closets. We may not all have a collection of hundreds of shoes, but we can still copy a few tricks from the stars in terms of organization and shoe storage. So if you’re ready to do spring/summer cleaning and reorganizing, your closet is a great place to start.

1) Organize shoes by purpose (ie: heels, flats, workout, etc) and then color like the Kardashian sisters.

2) If you have shelving, take Khloe Kardashian’s advice and face one shoe of each pair opposite ways to easily see the front and back of every shoe.

3) Display your shoes like the artwork that they are. Shelves are a great storage option in your closet. Or be creative. If custom-made built-in shelves are out of the budget, re-purpose  furniture. This is also a great idea if you don’t have storage space in your closet but instead more space in your bedroom, in a hallway, or in the foyer near the front door. These Pinterest ideas display shoes in china cabinets and bookshelves. The last Etsy option is a great DIY inspiration idea or can be purchased from the Etsy shop.

ApartmentTherapy Image

ApartmentTherapy Image

Apartment Therapy Image

Etsy Shop Leonardparker1 Image


4) Another idea is to store shoes in their original boxes, or buy stackable clear plastic shoe boxes. For an extra step toward organization, take a Polaroid picture of the shoes to adhere to the front of the box. This makes finding the pair you want to wear so much easier.

iamchasingbabyblog Image


5) Decorate the shoe closet. If you have the space, create a department store feel like Mariah Carey with seating next to the shoes. Or display inspirational artwork and shoe quotes like Adrienne Maloof.

Cubeme Image

Do you have any other shoe storage ideas? Any DIY shoe closet projects to share?


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