Chanel Halo Manicure

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At Paris Fashion Week, small details caught just as much attention as the designer fashion. From hair, makeup, accessories, and nails, all eyes were on the future trends strutting down the runways. At Chanel, the pretty, yet subtle halo manicure gained a lot of press. In honor of manicure Monday, let’s zone in on the potentially trendsetting new look.

Creative Director of Chanel makeup, Peter Philips, has made quite a name for himself at past shows for his nail style inventions. In the past, he helped set the stage for nail trends, including the 2010 “it color” greige and the nude shades at the last few shows. The Fall 2013 Paris Fashion Week Chanel Haute Couture halo manicure is sure to bring just as large of a following.

Glamour Image; Credit: Getty Images, Courtesy Chanel

The Chanel nails were a glossy pink outlined with a metallic silver ethereal border forming an oval shape from tip to nail bed. The halo effect around the cuticle and sides of the nails gives the illusion of longer nails. The main nail color was Chanel LE VERNIS in May to match the pink in the clothing collection. It was outlined in a silver gun-metal Chanel shade that has been discontinued.

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To recreate the look you will layer pink polish on top of silver.

  1. File nails to their ideal shape.
  2. Prep nails with a clear base coat.
  3. Paint your nails a metallic silver, such as Zoya Trixie or Butter London in Diamond Geezer.  Let the silver dry.
  4. Paint the center of the nails (layering on top of the silver) in an oval shape using the main color Chanel LE VERNIS in May. Remember to leave a slight border of silver exposed so that the edges around the skin and cuticle reveal the silver halo effect.
  5. Apply a clear topcoat.


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Celebrity Nail stylist Jenna Hipp gives tips for a different technique on creating a halo manicure for Yahoo Shine:

The halo manicure is simply a metallic color topped with a bare nude. Then, the top layer of the bare nude is removed around the cuticle, allowing the metallic base to shine through and giving nails a “halo” effect around the cuticle. Because layering is the key to this effect, don’t worry about layering over your existing manicure. I use a MAC angle eyeliner brush lightly dipped in nail polish remover to create the effect. My clients think the brush feels much more luxurious than a q-tip.

To achieve the best nail shape for your manicure, Jenna recommends finding your natural nail shape:

A nail that is shaped properly can give the illusion of much longer, leaner, and younger looking hands! Each person has a unique shape that compliments them perfectly. To discover yours, follow the natural curve of your cuticle to determine how round or square the nail should be.

So that’s two different ways to recreate the Chanel halo manicure:  1) Layer the pink color in an oval shape over a metallic leaving a silver border around the cuticle exposed. – or – 2) For the entire nail, completely layer the pink color on top of the metallic and use a brush dipped in nail polish remover to remove the top layer around the cuticle to create the halo.

Have a happy Mani Monday and happy polishing!


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